The greatest impact of what we do at Punch is felt when we go home.

Hybrid, but better

We’ve discovered a balance between the comfort of remote work and the power of being together.

Caring like we mean it

All our practices have evolved to ensure that each of us goes home feeling valued and cared for.

re.boot: Switch off,
unwind, recharge.

Our most popular program pushes us to take time off and do the things we love. We enforce this upon ourselves by shutting down from time to time to recharge, always coming back with fresh energy and memorable stories.



More than your care, a child needs your time

One aspect of parenting, and hence of maternity/paternity programs, is to provide the support that a growing child needs. Another more crucial role is spending time and creating early memories with your child.

To enable both these functions fully, our approach to maternity & paternity leaves has organically grown beyond the mandatory 6 months to 12 months or more, with continuous room for flexibility. Each new parent is encouraged to decide this independently based on her or his unique needs and situations.




We believe Market Pulse is our own company, and that “we’re in this together”. One of the ways we enable long-term wealth creation for all is by giving ESOPs to everyone, regardless of their role or experience.


Every member of Market Pulse gets a comprehensive medical cover worth Rs. 20 lakhs, which extends to their spouse, kids and parents.


About us

about us

We are a stock broker building the next evolution in trading technology


Meet the Founders

  • Amit Dhakad
    Amit Dhakad
    Co-Founder, CEO
    As CEO, Amit shapes the organisation's vision with a stubborn focus on pushing the envelope, while also leading tech practices, culture and mentoring. He enjoys reading mythology, traveling solo, and talking about parenting, leadership and consumer behaviours. Amit believes education can be put to better work, and any 'ism' that divides the human race is obsolete.
  • Hiral Jain
    Hiral Jain
    Co-Founder, COO Broking
    With over 12 years of experience in the stock market, Hiral breathes all things finance. Leading broking strategy and operations at Market Pulse, she has realised her long-held dream of having her own trading desk. She enjoys meditating, bird watching, finds cooking therapeutic, and loves silent conversations with her guru. Convinced that humans are not designed to be tired, she never has trouble going the extra mile.
  • Ajit Dandekar
    Ajit Dandekar
    Co-Founder, Head of Design
    By profession and by passion, Ajit is a research and design nerd. He has under his belt 12 years of design experience, a master's degree from NID, a design registration and a gold medal. His love for understanding human behaviour keeps him diligently studying and sketching people through meetings. He wants to teach design, and feels society should invest seriously in building good educators — the only people who can change the world.
  • Arshad Fahoum
    Arshad Fahoum
    Co-Founder, Head of Subject Matter
    Part quant part documentary maker, Arshad has spent 22 years trading in the stock market, including 17 years in options. Going from beginner to full-time individual trader to full-time professional trader, he is now building tech products to solve trading problems. Arshad can’t imagine his life without books, music and films. He values minimal and creative living, and advocates the pressing need for future-ready education.